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Dropping from orbit, we drift northward along the Lake Michigan shoreline, almost to Park Avenue Beach,
and the water plant.  As we drop, we can see the curve of Sheridan Road juxtaposed against the strict
straight lines of St. Johns Avenue, the commuter rail line, and Green Bay Road in the distance.  Just
south of the water plant, we will will turn to the west, over the straight byways of Prospect Avenue,
Laurel Avenue, and Central Avenue.  As we continue to turn toward the west, we will drift over
Elm Place School and Indian Trail School to the right side of the frame, before turning southwest,
and heading over the main business district, clearly outlined with Sheridan Road, St. Johns Avenue,
First Street, Second Street, and Green Bay Road.  Continuing southwest, we will fly over the Bob-O'Link,
Saxony, and Thackeray neighborhoods before crossing the open expanses of Bob-O'Link Country Club and
Sunset Valley Golf course.  After we pass over the Chantilly subdivision, we will cross Skokie
Valley Highway, the Union Pacific freight line tracks, and the northern part of the Barberry-Sumac
subdivision, before our little trip ends over the baseball diamonds of West Ridge Center.

Along the way, some annoying graphic overlays are inserted, but this is, after all, an
advertising site for a company, and how can we complain?  They used our town as
the background.

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